How long is your order process time?

We aim to ship orders within 3 working days of cleared funds (for black docks only) if the product is in stock. However for custom docks we need slightly longer, around 10 days, as each one is made to order. (For personal customers)

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Can Thunderbolt equipped MacBook® Pros be used with the Byte-dock?

Yes, the Byte-dock has been designed to be compatible with all current MacBook Pro models, including the new generation (Non Retina Display) MacBook Pros released recently. However you may only use the port with the cable we provide. It will not work with thunderbolt devices.

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Which MagSafe® connector can I use with the Byte-dock?

The Byte-dock can accommodate the MagSafe adaptors shown below.

Byte-dock can accommodate the following MagSafe adaptors

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The Byte-dock and MagSafe power adaptor.

The Byte-dock has been designed so that the MagSafe power adaptor can be removed easily. This means that our customers do not have to spend extra money buying a separate power supply if they do not wish to. However they can purchase a power supply from multiple sources should they wish to keep one with the dock.

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What else do I need to create a desktop setup with the Byte-dock?

The FREE MiniDisplay to HDMI cable supplied will connect your Byte-dock to HDMI inputs. The Byte-dock also supports audio down this cable (to achieve this please make sure you change the appropriate settings on the Laptop) so you should be good to go. If however your monitor does not support HDMI you can get converters to run from HDMI to DVI, this will mean only video output is available from the MiniDisplay port (for audio in this setup you will have to use the 3.5 mm audio connection)..

If you do not have an external keyboard and mouse there are two possibilities for you, wired or wireless.

  • Wired: connect via a usb port located on the dock.
  • Wireless: Either connect your dongle via usb or utilise the MacBook Pro’s Bluetooth connection using a Bluetooth enabled keyboard and mouse, much like in our demo video.

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What else do I need to use my MacBook Pro in my home theatre system with the Byte-dock?

In the current market there are many different configurations of home theatre systems. However with the Byte-dock you can use the MiniDisplay to HDMI cable to connect your Byte-dock to the system. Alternatively you can use the MiniDisplay port and convert the video signal to DVI or VGA. The Byte-dock includes a 3.5mm audio output so you can connect directly into an audio device such as surround sound. Couple all these options together with an Apple IR media remote for a simple all-in-one media solution.

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How does the MiniDisplay cable work?

The FREE MiniDisplay to HDMI cable we supply has the following functionality:

  • Audio and Video from MiniDisplay to HDMI Input. (MacBook Pro model dependent on the audio side)

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But what if my TV / Monitor does not have HDMI input?

Well quite simply you can get hold of an HDMI to DVI converter. You can then convert from there to your required input. As an example here is a HDMI to DVI converter available on Amazon. HDMI to DVI converter

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Do I need to change anything on my MacBook Pro to make it work with Byte-dock?

No, you do not need to change any settings on your computer to work with the Byte-dock.

However, depending on your chosen monitor and audio receiver device, you may be required to adjust the screen resolution and audio output.

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Can I use the optical drive while the MacBook Pro is docked?

Yes you can.

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I have ordered a Byte-dock what comes with it?

When you purchase the Byte-dock you get the following:

  • 1 x Byte-dock
  • 1 x MiniDisplay to HDMI cable (worth £19.99)
  • Instructions

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Does, or will, the Byte-dock support the MacBook Air?

The MacBook air is designed primarily for mobile use and doesn’t have the layout required for docking. However we are constantly reviewing this.

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Has there been any adverse effects of running the MacBook Pro vertically in the dock?

No. Our tests show that running the computer vertically has no adverse effects. We know people have been concerned that it could cause the MacBook Pro to overheat when used in the closed position. Our exhaustive tests don’t concur with this theory. Here are the findings from our research:

Equipment used:

  • MacBook Pro Used - MacBook Pro 13" (Mid 2009), Model Number 5,5
  • Software used to monitor - Hardware Monitor available here
  • MacBook Pro Operating Temperatures 40ºC - 80ºC
    System Shutdown occurs at 110ºC
  • Room Temperature during test 19ºC


Location of sensor Temp at start of the day
after boot (docked)
Temp at end of day
after usage (docked)
Battery (Position 1) 22ºC 36ºC 14ºC
Battery (Position 2) 22ºC 36ºC 14ºC
Battery (Position 3) 22ºC 34ºC 12ºC
Battery (Position 4) 33ºC 38ºC 5ºC
CPU A Proximity 57ºC 57ºC 0ºC
CPU A Temperature Diode 41ºC 63ºC 22ºC
Left Palm Rest 22ºC 35ºC 13ºC
Main Heatsink 34ºC 57ºC 23ºC
Main Heatsink F 28ºC 59ºC 31ºC
Northbridge Chip 39ºC 61ºC 22ºC
Northbridge Position 1 30ºC 49ºC 19ºC
Hard Drive 23ºC 38ºC 15ºC

These temperatures were recorded after using music production software Ableton Live and the MacBook Pro had usual day to day use for 8 hours. Ableton is a processor intensive application when rendering music and is not uncommon for the process usage to reach 100%.

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The MacBook Pro wakes up then goes back to sleep while docked. What can I do to fix this?

The MacBook Pro needs to be connected to a power supply while it is docked to wake from sleep. Please check your power connection and try again.

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Can I turn the MacBook Pro on if it is switched off in the dock?

Your MacBook Pro must be switched on before using the Byte-dock. It can either be on or asleep. The reason for this is because the power button is not accessible while the MacBook Pro is in the Byte-dock.

If you computer is off when you dock it, then just remove the MacBook Pro from the dock, power it up and then place it back in the Byte-dock.

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Will my MacBook Pro fall over in the dock?

A MacBook Pro docked in a Byte-dock is extremely secure. We have made sure that the weight and width of the Byte-dock gives a stable base for all variety of MacBook Pros, hence the design.

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Warranty, will using a Byte-dock void it?

No, absolutely no changes need to be made to the computer for use in a Byte-dock.

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Which cables are best to use with the Byte-dock?

Any that you would usually use with you MacBook or MacBook Pro. All the usual connections are available to you from the Byte-dock’s interface. No specialist cables are required. We even supply you with a FREE MiniDisplay to HDMI cable (worth £19.99) that supports audio to use with your Byte-dock.

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I want to open my MacBook Pro while docked, can I?

No, the system requires the computer to be closed while it is docked.

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Do you offer the Byte-dock to resellers or external distributors?

We do. For more information please email our wholesale team

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I want to buy Byte-docks for my business, is there someone I can contact about this?

Yes, we might be able to offer special rates for business users’ bulk orders. For more information please email

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I use a case / cover with my MacBook Pro, will it still work with the Byte-dock?

The Byte-dock has been engineered with very small tolerances in mind. A MacBook Pro with a case on will not fit into the Byte-dock docking station.

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Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we offer shipping worldwide.

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Will I be charged Duties and Customs Fees if I order from another country?

There is a high chance that you will be charged. When we ship to other countries there is a chance that you will be charged Duties and Taxes from the relative country’s custom and excises department. The Byte-dock team have no control over this in anyway. Below is a table to show what we have typically seen the cost are when importing the goods:

Import Duties

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Which Byte-dock will fit my MacBook Pro?

The best way to tell for sure which dock is right for your computer is to compare your model to the images below. Alternatively please feel free to contact us via

Port layout for a 13” MacBook Pro Aluminium Unibody – Mid 2009 – Current

Port layout for a 13" MacBook Pro Aluminium Unibody - Mid 2009 - Current


Port layout for a 15” MacBook Pro Aluminium Unibody – Mid 2009 – Current

Port layout for a 15” MacBook Pro Aluminium Unibody – Mid 2009 – Current


Port layout for a 17” MacBook Pro Aluminium Unibody – Mid 2010 – Current

Port layout for a 17” MacBook Pro Aluminium Unibody – Mid 2010 – Current


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Can I return it?

You usual rights are not effected in anyway when purchasing a Byte-dock. You have 7 days to return the dock (under the distance sellers regulations) to us. To give you even more piece of mind, we are willing to extend this to 30 days as we are that confident that you will love the Byte-dock so much that you would never want to send it back.

Please note that any return shipping will be at customer’s cost and if the packaging is damaged in anyway we may have to charge a re-stocking fee. All return postage should be sent via recorded delivery as we cannot accept any responsibility for items lost in transit from you to us.

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How can I wake my MacBook Pro up when docked?

When the screen is closed the MacBook Pro will go to sleep. To wake it up, just press any keys on your keyboard or mouse and wait. If you still get nothing from the MacBook Pro then make sure that the power is connected correctly.

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Which branded cables can I use with the Byte-dock?

Simply put, any. The Byte-dock offers all the usual ports available to you from the MacBook Pro so anything you would usually use with your MacBook Pro you can use with your Byte-dock.

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Dual displays using the Byte-dock?

We have heard that it is possible to have dual displays with the Byte-dock. However the only way to be able to do this is to purchase a 3rd party pieces of hardware.

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Internal Mic functionality

We can confirm that the internal mic will still function with the MacBook Pro closed. However there will be reduced sound quality.

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SD Slot

With the Byte-dock you will be able to leave your SD card in the slot as the dock has been designed to accommodate the card while in the slot.

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Thunderbolt Devices

At present due to restriction in place on 3rd parties using the thunderbolt technology, the Byte-dock does not support external thunderbolt devices. You can still use a thunderbolt enabled MacBook Pro with the dock.

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unDock App, What is it?

The unDock App is an App available from Apple's Mac App store that we have used while testing the Byte-dock. This is a great little App that allows you to disconnect all attached devices prior to un-docking your laptop. Through testing this has proven to us to be a great App to use when using the Byte-dock. We cannot recommend it highly enough!

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If you have any feedback good or bad that you would like to pass on to us about the Byte-dock, or any experiences with it, we encourage you to e-mail us. Please e-mail

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For more information on how to use coupons on our website. Please e-mail

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MacBook and MagSafe are a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.



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Byte-dock MacBook Pro docking station.

MacBook is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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